What is Market Street?


Here’s the 10 second answer:  Market Street is a Business Technology and Internet Marketing consulting agency.

For more info:  We provide technical advice, training and services for businesses and non-profit organizations.  Our target markets are businesses or non-profits that don’t have the resources to have a Chief Technology Officer, or CTO, on staff.

We have 20+ years of professional technology consulting and help level the playing field between small businesses and large corporations.  We use our experience and technical expertise to help you efficiently choose the right solution to your business problems.

Our Areas of Expertise 

  • Internet Marketing
  • WordPress Consulting and Website Development
  • Local and Campus Area Networks
  • Computer Systems Integration and Support

We provide business technology strategy, research, guidance and project management.  If desired, we also provide qualified technical staff to implement a solution and can then train your staff to maintain it.  We can also provide ongoing and “as needed” support if that is a better solution for your particular staffing situation.

Leverage Our Experience

Having been around awhile has a few major advantages, here are two examples:  

  1. Knowing when a technology has matured enough to be of value.  Separating the marketing buzz from the usefulness (or lack of) of a particular technology.

    None of our consulting clients ever purchased a PC with Windows Vista or struggled to use Windows 8’s Tiled Start Screen.  

  2. Knowing the who the best equipment vendors are and the best ways of sourcing equipment and Internet services to get you the best value.

    We often save $100’s and even $1000’s of dollars for our clients when purchasing products and making the proper solution choices for their specific situation.

Trust Us

As an independent consulting agency our primary goal is to make sure that any advice or service we provide actually solves your problem and brings in a high return on your investment.  Because we aren’t a retail store, or a vendor-specific solution provider, we measure our success by how well our service solved your problem and brought value to your business or NPO.

In short, we succeed when you succeed.

Contact Us for a free consultation and see how we can help you.

“Meeting” Image via Alexander Kaiser, pooliestudios.com aka: poolie

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