What is Market Street?


The 10 Second Explanation:

Market Street is an Online Marketing and Business Technology consulting agency. Essentially, we do for you what an Information Technology (IT) support department does for a very large organization.

Our Areas of Expertise:

  • Internet Marketing
  • WordPress Consulting and Website Development
  • Local and Campus Area Networks
  • Computer Systems Integration and Support

We are a good fit for organizations that don’t have the resources to have an  IT department of their own, but, have a need for a trusted technical advisor to help out.

Working with Market Street gives you the advantage of being able to use our 20+ years of technology consulting and technical expertise. We help you choose the right solutions to your problems and implement those solutions efficiently. We offer friendly and effective training to your staff and ongoing support as well.

You Can Trust Us

We are an independent consulting agency, not a hidden sales force for a specific vendor or manufacturer.

Our only goal is to make sure that any advice or service we provide actually solves your problem and brings in a return on your investment.

We measure our success by how well our service solved your problem and brought value to your organization. In short, we succeed when you succeed.

Contact Us to find out how Market Street can help you.

“Meeting” – Photo by Alexander Kaiser, pooliestudios.com aka: poolie

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